Posted: Giugno 1st, 2011
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Comment from Bobby - Maggio 6, 2016 at 15:20:48

Rich / You were doing good up until the end.What should have happened is that the phone finally turned on, the battery explodes because of flimsy Chinese build stardands, her hand is completely blown off from the explosion, THEN the killer busts through the door and chops her into little bits.

Comment from auto insurance - Giugno 5, 2016 at 08:30:13

Ditto on your advice. As a late twenties male I still haven’t decided what to be when I grow up. I guess the guys with the gold that make the rules haven’t figured out that we are on to them. After twenty years with a company you have nothing to show for it. Folks get layed off for the sake of the bottom dollar. I happen to be in a job I love, after four years pay plans have changed and I am making less now than when I started. Forced to look for a new job…..enough ranting Great advice keep up the good workTony Gonzales